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Self-Guided Learning

Many parents cry out in frustration, because they want their child to follow a structured curriculum but they struggle to find resources that can work week in and week out. Here is a solution. 

Every fortnight, a new collection of 6 activities will be released which will inspire learners to use English creatively. 


The tasks are aligned with GCSE assessment criteria but are suitable for KS2 and KS3. Age shouldn't be seen as a limit to ability - let's positive challenge learners to try their best. Each task has a clear objective; enabling parents to offer their learner constructive feedback so that they can make progress. 

Parents and carers remain in control, because they can choose which activities are completed to suit their own schedule.

If there is something you would desperately like to be included in this subscription - send a message with ideas. Let's work together to create something to suit you and your learner's needs. 

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