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Levitating Books

About Learning

We all deserve the opportunity to learn and the experience should be uplifting. It brings joy to every teacher, when they observe a student having a 'lightbulb moment' - the moment when that person grasps something that was once a challenge. 


Each session aims to engage and motive learners so that they feel confident to achieve their potential. Students will be encouraged to see beyond the obvious, offer their own opinions and explore critical ideas. Every piece of written work or verbal discussion will meet key national curriculum assessment objectives. Practise, practise, practise results in the best of outcomes in many different ways. 

To have the opportunity to work with young minds is such a privilege - every lesson is unique. There is so much more yet to be said about literary texts and this is truly exciting. It is simply a matter of time, before you say something ingenious about what you are learning.


When do you want to begin the journey to discovery?


Learning isn't just for the classroom. Take us with you.

Contribute to our forums by sharing something from your world.

It is easy:

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