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Learning should be enjoyed by everyone.

Let's start the journey together, see what is available below. 

Need your English Language GCSE
in a hurry


It is now mandatory that learners acquire a grade 4+ in their GCSE.  


Many workers are being asked for proof of this qualification! 

Join us for our quick aneasy 15 session course to learn the skills you need to pass this exam with ease.


Term Topics

Helping leaners to engage with a range of reading, writing, speaking and  listening activities.

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School Supply

September - onwards 2023


Teaching to the exam.

Fast paced 15 sessions to prepare students to acquire their GCSE qualification with ease.

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June - November 2024


GCSE Psychology

Explore theories and research into human behaviour.

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Image by Milad Fakurian

January - May 2025


English Overview

Supporting students to understand and produce a range fictional and non-fictional texts.

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Stack of Newspapers

January - July 2024


GCSE Literature Exam

Analysing key aspects of a writer's craft and considering the influence of contextual  factors. 

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July 2024 - May 2025


AS/A Level Exam

Explore and critique literary texts from different eras and genres.

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Colourful Pile of Old Books

September - May 2025

iGCSE exam
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