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There are a selection of courses for you to choose from that will challenge, stretch and encourage all learners to progress. 


Enjoy project-based learning.

The outcome is valuable - you can take whichever route you like to get there. Receive a collection of activities weekly which are based on a key theme or awareness topic. You can decide the order in which you complete the activities. Learners can share their proud project work with others in the group using our private forum.

DURATION: Academic year

LENGTH: weekly

START: tbc

TIME: tbc

MODE: Zoom

PLACES: Unlimited

In imitation of classroom-teaching practice, this route amalgamates schemes of learning to create an engaging curriculum. Learners will read and study a range of texts with different purposes. Each session meets the Department for Education's assessment objectives and aims to stretch learning outcomes. 


The tutor will follow the course of study (written by a qualified teacher) and will set coursework tasks are presented in the final formative lesson.


LENGTH: 90mins/weekly

START: tbc

TIME: tbc

MODE: Zoom

PLACES: 8 remaining


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