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Teaching is a privilege and it is extremely special to watch young minds develop. Here are just a few success stories...


West Yorkshire

We received the Project Marketplace weekly learning packs and it has taken so much anxiety out of the planning process. Knowing that learning will be fun and that the work covers everything in the curriculum has been a real weight off my mind. Now I can enjoy teaching Micah.

These packs have been chosen carefully to totally engage and spark the kids interests. 

Thanks again - it is amazing.

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My daughter felt very well prepared for the exam; knowing exactly what to expect and what was required. The methods Kathrine used for helping the students remember the tools they needed were great.


Kathrine was willing to adapt slightly to accommodate my daughter and what was best for her at the time.


Would definitely recommend her for distance learning!

Will & Sophie


Will gained a grade 7 in 2017 and graduated with a 2.1 from Cambridge in 2022.


Sophie has enjoyed having a year out of school and has had 1:1 lessons with Kathrine. These have really boosted her confidence in English and she is ready for KS4. 

Thanks Kathrine so much.

Will Uni_edited.jpg

The girls after leaving their iGCSE exam 2023...



Choosing Kathrine to tutor our daughter for IGCSE English Language was the best decision ever!! She is incredible and we recommend her to everyone. Her tutoring is at the highest level and worth every penny, personalised, incredibly thorough and yet done in such a friendly engaging way. Our daughter says she wishes Kathrine could teach all her subjects and is now studying Psychology with her. Our daughter lacked confidence in her ability and Kathrine constantly reassured her so that she achieved a 9 in her Eng Lang exam taken 18 months early!!


Couldn't have done it without Kathrine!!

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Honley High

When I started with Kathrine, I was getting grade 4s.
I walked out of my GCSE’s with an 8 in English Language and a 9 in English Literature.


The personalised writing frames really allowed me to speak about key concepts and push for the highest grades. She really challenged me to think and analyse critically every aspect of my work. She made me think of ideas that I didn’t even think possible.


Kathrine has just been brilliant; I really couldn’t have achieved the grades I did without her amazing help.

Isaac Graduated.jpeg


West Yorkshire

I worked with Kathrine in 2017, when the GCSE's changed.

I was extremely happy with my final grades and it enabled me to go to college and University.

2.1 Sports Management



I worked with Kathrine, whilst I lived in England.

I tried other tutors in Ireland but it just wasn't the same. 

Now, Kathrine helped me to pass my Irish English exams with ease -

I felt so confident and prepared.

Family Hiking
Bees at Work

West Yorkshire

CleverBee Tuition Centre


Thank you for coming down. 

We enjoyed the session. Clearly tutoring is a passion for you and we were left inspired by your energy and enthusiasm. Just what we needed. 

You provided us with key takeaways and we left the session with more clarity and less of a spaghetti brain (haha). 

Keep doing what you're doing and we'll stay in touch.

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